islamic finder nyc

islamic finder nyc

islamic finder nyc

IslamicFinder is one most popular online sources of information for Muslims worldwide. IslamicFinder provides a special page for prayer times in New York City according to its legal accordance covering Fajr time, Dhuhr time, and Asr period which ends with the Maghrib pack because Isha the night.

It also gives exact Qibla directions for NYC that facilitate the Muslims to offer their daily five prayers with correct angles. Also, IslamicFinder features many more things like Quran recitations, Hadith Sharing, articles, and ayahs to explain everything in the simplest of steps.

islamic finder app download link

You can download the Islamic Finder app from the Google Play Store (for Android devices) or the Apple App Store (for iOS devices). The download links are:

Play store:

Apple app:

islamic finder website

It is a popular website that offers an array of Islamic features like prayer times, qibla direction, and hijri calendar. The website also provides a mosque directory and Islamic events they have a community forum where users may talk about various Islamic issues.

islamic finder website 


Islamic Finder is a widely used web platform and app that gives information on worldwide mosques, Islami centers, halal restaurants & international prayer timings also in NYC. Whether you are searching for the best Islamic resources, or in need of knowing prayer timing in NYC then visit their website or download an app to get factual information.

islamic finder prayer times

This application will give you the exact prayer time of Muslims around the world on Islamic Finder. The website is available or use their mobile App to get specific prayer times for your region. 

As for the built-in prayers time calculator, Vavelan has designed it to auto-calculate the right timings of the five times-prayers (Fajr, Dhuhr, etc,) based on your location coordinates and calculation method you are following (ISNA, MWL..etc). It also allows easier access by Muslims to perform their religious duty by the teachings of Islam regardless of where they are.

prayer times nyc

You can find the Prayer Times for New York City (NYC) easily through these different resources such as but not limited to Islamic Finder Website and application! So, the times of different prayers will be as (based on New York City( NYC) July 4, 2024)

Fajr: 4:15 AM

Dhuhr: 1:14 PM

Asr: 5:22 PM

Maghrib: 8:28 PM

Isha: 10:02 PM

islamic finder calendar

Islamic Finder is a dedicated Islamic calendar featuring important dates in the Lunar Hijri Calendar such as Ramadan and Eid al Fitr, with other major ceremonies including Eid al Adha falling under it.

You can view this calendar on their website or app, where it lists the dates according to the Hijri (Islamic) Calendar which is lunar-based. Internationally this is probably the most accepted Islamic calendar used by Muslims and other societies for ruling normal activities upon their spiritual acts.

islamic calendar nyc

For NYC-specific Islamic dates which include prayer timings, fasting time during Ramadan, and holidays of Eid al-Fitr & Eid UL-Adha you can use the local mosques or Islamic centers or credible websites like etc. Many city-based resources like this one offer a pretty consistent Islamic calendar view with an estaqallisi location of NASA in NYC.

Islamic holidays in 2024 (1446) NYC:

Ramadan 1446 AH: Begins on or around Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Eid al-Fitr 1446 AH: Predicted on/about August 03 2023 - Tuesday

Hajj (Pilgrimage) 1446 H: July 12-17, 2024 AD (Fri-Wed)

Eid al-Adha 1446 AH - Chimmanipad (Sunday-Wednesday) between July 21-24, 2024

islamic finder new York

Other services include prayer timings, mosque finder Islamic calendar, and Qibla direction; available on top websites like Islamic Finder This is how you'd use it with New York

1. Prayer Times You can find accurate prayer timings on the Islamic Finder website or you may use the app to know your city whether inside New York State in general, Or even any specific location. The schedule of every day (for example fajr, dhuhr, aghrib, and isha) according to your location.

2. Use a Mosque Finder: The Islamic Finder will direct you to mosques in New York City and surrounding areas. You can choose mosques near your current location or filter an area within New York State.

3. Islamic Calendar: This includes timestamps for Islamic festivals, fasting timings of Ramadan and Eid as well as all important dates in Islam.

4. Qibla Direction: It also helps in the direction of Qibla at your current location which is one of the finest features where Islamic Finder provides you with an offer to see what will be the same orientation (the Kabaah) from all around New York.

Islamic Finder can be found: What are the best websites to view prayer times for Ramadan? net), or you can download their App from the IOS store, or Apple Store (parasport. A helpful resource for Muslims in New York to keep up with their faith and community resources.

islamic finder nyc conclusion

It is an app with reputation and accuracy that has been around for a long time to give prayer timings, Qibla direction as well Islamic calendar. The app correctly determines the prayer times in New York City based on the city, time zone settings daylight saving time, etc. IslamicFinder has emerged as one of the top choices for Muslims in NYC and beyond who desire an easy-to-use interface with several features.

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